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Duo-Cleat Large
Duo-Cleat Large
Only 4 1/2" tall, it handles any cord from 3 / 16" to 3 / 8" in diameter. Working load is 500 pounds

Price: $6.90 2 Pack

Product Code: MODEL-4515-D

This patented design is a winner for securing two ends of a rope without knots. With the Duo Cleat, you can join both ends of one rope to form a closed loop. Or you can join together two ropes of different diameters. The connection stays fast and tight, releasing easily in seconds. Whether your experienced or not in using ropes to secure a load, the E-Z-TY™ Rope System is a convenient method of joining rope. An added benefit of the Duo Cleat is the increased tension that you can get. If you've used a truckers hitch to tie down a load, you know the power of leverage for adding tension. The Duo Cleat doubles the power of leverage because it doubles the staying power with no additional effort by you.